Sunday, April 9, 2017

What good learners do

During writing time it can be difficult recording the sounds we want to use.
We use this chart to help us think about what sounds we can hear at the beginning, middle and end of a word. Once we have written our story, we check we have tried our best by reading our work back with the teacher or a partner.  Then we tick off the steps we used.

Here we are giving it a go!


We also use this process to help us write some more interesting vocabulary in our stories. We call these words
WOW words.
Blake is showing us a poem he wrote using some WOW words. He used his check list to ensure he chose appropriate WOW words to describe his nouns.

Super work K2P!

Monday, March 27, 2017


Congratulations to Kavya, Kian and Alva for receiving the PB4L certificates for using Signal Sam and their 'WITS' to solve problems- walk away, ignore, tell someone.
This week our focus is making good learning decisions.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Congratulations to Mercedes, Hunni and Hannah for receiving certificates to celebrate last weeks PB4L focus: Looking after our equipment and classroom.
This weeks focus is  'Use traffic light thinking when faced with a problem'- Keep an eye out for Signal Sam in our classrooms!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The King's Cake

'The King's Cake' was our shared story this week in K2B and K2M so we decided to have a cake party! We made 2 delicious chocolate cakes and made and decorated crowns to wear. We pretended we were at the Kings birthday party and sang happy birthday and gave him 46 claps!
Ask your child to retell the story for you. Ask them what happened to the King's cake in the story... luckily ours had a happier ending!

Monday, March 13, 2017


Congratulations to Triston, Ashlee and Sienna for receiving the PB4L Certificates this week for moving safely around the school. Our new focus is looking after our equipment in the K2 space.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Problem Solving

We love Mathematics here in K2P.
Although we are quick at adding number problems to 10/20, subtracting takes us a little longer.
We identified that this was our next learning step.
Here we are trying different ways to solve some subtraction problems.
Some of us use number lines or our fingers to keep track, while others count on from the bigger number.
Together we decided that there can be several ways to solve a problem, but some methods can be more efficient, depending on the type of problem we need to solve.

Cicada Skins

Blake found some really cool cicada skins on his fence at home. He shared his bounty with the class this morning. He also showed us how they can cling to anything!

We were surprised to find that these things were not dead cicadas but actually the skins they leave behind once their bodies have grown too big for them.

We compared this to our own skins, where we came to realise that our skin stretches to fit our size as we grow, unlike the cicada skins!

Ooey Gooey Oreo Bars

On Friday K2P had a lot of fun making something very tasty!

With only three ingredients, (butter, marshmallows, Oreo cookies) we made an ooey, gooey, sticky mess!
It all began with a press of the button on the blender (very exciting!) to crush the biscuits and then heating some butter and marshmallows in the microwave until they were all puffed up.

Then we all had to use our muscles to mix everything together.
This proved to be quite challenging as the butter and marshmallows cooled!

Some of us thought the mixture looked like lava and scoria from a volcano, but we all agreed it tasted a lot better!
Well done K2P for using your listening ears to help you follow instructions.

Eat your heart out Masterchef!

 Keep your fingers safe!

 "It looks like dirt!"


Go Krishant, go!

 We had a marshmallow to help us finish stirring...

Very sticky and tricky to stir!

 Taking turns

 Taking turns to press the 'pulse' button on the blender

Volcanic swirls

Monday, February 27, 2017

Here Comes The Mail!

In K2M we started writing letters to friends as an authentic learning task. 
We even have our own K2 letter boxes! 
The children loved writing letters and loved getting one back even more!

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Giraffe On The Move- Writing from K2M and K2B

Giraffe On The Move!

Photos from Auckland Zoo #giraffeonthemove Twitter

K2B and K2M used these photos for writing inspiration. Imagine driving down the road and seeing a giraffe peeking out of a truck at you!

Here are some of our stories....

Nikhil- The giraffe went to Australia on a boat.
Eva- I was climbing up and locking the giraffe in.
Cooper- The giraffe is going on a boat to Australia.
Lucas- I saw a giraffe.
Jaxon- I saw a truck with a giraffe on it.
Samuel E- I want to climb up the giraffes neck and pat his head.
Hannah- The giraffe went to Australia

Relic- The giraffe is going to go to his new home.
Joshua- The giraffe went on a truck.
Marcus- The giraffe is going on a boat to a new home.
Neena- The giraffe went on a boat to Sydney. He found a new family.

PB4L Week 5

Congratulations to Tina, Samuel and Tayte on receiving PB4L certificates today for last weeks focus of mat manners- keeping our hands and feet to ourselves. Great role models! Well done!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

PB4L Certificates Week 4

Well done to Una, Eva and Kaea who were the hard working children from K2 who received PB4L certificates for last weeks focus on 'Listening and Following Instructions'. Great work girls!
This weeks focus is 'Keeping Our Hands And Feet To Ourselves'. See the PB4L tab to learn more about our school wide PB4L (Positive Behaviour For Learning) Programme.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Newsworthy Moments

Here in the K2 spaces we have been learning how to speak in front of an audience.
Although this can be a little scary for some of us, it is easy when you have an interested audience!

Here is Grace who attended a fun run with her Mum, Dad and Nana last weekend.
Grace said her favourite moment was when she heard her name being called as she crossed the finish line!

Grace proved to be a great role model. She looked at her audience and used a clear and audible speaking voice to share many details. Naturally there were lots of questions.

It was great to see how confident we are at asking quality open ended questions ( How long did it take to finish your race? Why did you have a number on your shirt? Why do you like running?!)

Super work on building your speaking and listening skills K2 children and thank you Grace for sharing your special moment with us.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Segmenting and Blending

Here is an activity which helps us with Reading and Writing.
This is where we listen to the sounds in words and we write them down.
Breaking words into familiar chunks helps us to read them.
These can include - di-graphs, blends, little words inside big words and word endings
Here are some examples...




We also got to use our brand new whiteboards, markers and erasers which made the learning fun.
It was a great way to improve our handwriting too!