Monday, October 23, 2017


A big thank you to Mr Griggs who came to talk to the Kiwi Team today about the volunteer work he does for Coastguard for our Inquiry topic of people who help in the community.
The Coastguard boat he volunteers on as part of Auckland Coastguard is called 'ASB Rescue'.
Coastguard save and help people who are in trouble on the water eg anchor stuck, run out of petrol, hit rocks etc.
Coastguard also educate people on safe boating. Mr Griggs demonstrated how important it is to have a life jacket that fits correctly and to have your cell phone in a dry bag (even if it is a sealable plastic bag).

Production: Trouble In Fairyland

This term there is the opportunity for our junior students to take part in a school production - all students in the Kiwi and Pukeko teams are involved in a musical performance called “Trouble in Fairyland.” The focus of the performance will be on drama and dance. The dress rehearsal will be held on Wednesday the 6th of December at 11:30am. This performance is for the school only and we will not be selling tickets or admitting family members. We are holding two evening performances to accommodate as many of our families as possible. The performance nights are: Wednesday the 6th of December, at 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm Thursday the 7th of December at 6:30pm until 7:30pm Performances will be held in the Reremoana School hall. Please note that tickets will be on sale from Monday the 20th of November 2017. The cost will be $10 per ticket (seat) for the evening performances. Students who are part of the performance will not be allowed in the audience, even after they have been on the stage. Teachers and students are working extremely hard to prepare for this amazing performance and we really hope that all our junior students will be able to take part on both nights. We would appreciate it if you could let your child’s classroom teacher know should your child not be available for the performance nights. As you would imagine, it takes a lot of time and effort to put a production together so we would really appreciate any form of help with the creation of costumes and props. Please email if you are able to help. In the mean time you are welcome to email me or your child’s classroom teacher should you have any questions or concerns.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

People That Help In Our Community

Our Inquiry this term is 'Doing Good Because Good Is Good To Do'. We have started our Inquiry with learning about people who help in our community. Our first visitors were from Air New Zealand. They spoke to us about how Air New Zealand helps the community through Koru Care- supporting children with illness and disabilities; and working with the Department of Conservation to help protect our National bird- the Kiwi.

Some lucky children got to dress up in pilot, air steward/stewardess and engineer uniforms.
Then we all took part in a 'lolly run' game- where the children had to put on gloves and an apron and do a relay race carrying a bowl of airplane lollies. Lots of fun (especially the taste testing of the lollies!)
Special thanks to Damien, Shane and Gina from Air New Zealand.

Loose Parts

This Term in K2M and K2S we are exploring with 'loose parts'. We are using our imagination and creating different and interesting ways to play and co-operate with our classmates. 
We are ...
• problem solving
• creating
• making decisions
• role playing
• working together with others, sharing, negotiating and taking turns
• developing our ideas in our own ways
• learning to solve problems, plan and remember
• using language such as under, over, through, between and communicating needs
• being creative and using objects and materials in different ways.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


What we have learnt-
- Diwali is celebrated in India and all around the world in October or November. 
- It is the Hindu New Year and is either a 3-day or 5-day celebration. 
- It is called the 'Festival Of Lights'. 
- Rangoli patterns are lovely and bright
Thank you to Mrs Gopi and Mrs Begum for coming into the Kiwi Team this week and creating beautiful Henna patterns on our children's hands. The children that have had the patterns done have been so excited about them.
Happy Diwali!