Saturday, October 21, 2017

People That Help In Our Community

Our Inquiry this term is 'Doing Good Because Good Is Good To Do'. We have started our Inquiry with learning about people who help in our community. Our first visitors were from Air New Zealand. They spoke to us about how Air New Zealand helps the community through Koru Care- supporting children with illness and disabilities; and working with the Department of Conservation to help protect our National bird- the Kiwi.

Some lucky children got to dress up in pilot, air steward/stewardess and engineer uniforms.
Then we all took part in a 'lolly run' game- where the children had to put on gloves and an apron and do a relay race carrying a bowl of airplane lollies. Lots of fun (especially the taste testing of the lollies!)
Special thanks to Damien, Shane and Gina from Air New Zealand.

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